Little litter-picker will be in action on his birthday


Alex Kirkness-O’Boyle, six, who goes to St Mary’s Catholic School in Crowborough, has said on his birthday he will still be out litter picking.

Alex Kirtkness-O'Boyle litter picker aged 6 Crowborough

Alex, who lives on Montargis, has noticed the litter between his home and school has increased considerably. So he has taken it upon himself to go litter picking, almost daily, to clean up the area, to help the environment and to protect wildlife.

Alex will turn seven on 21st December, and he has said that he will still be out litter picking on his birthday. He’s asked that as a gift to him, please can you all, wherever you live, just go out and pick up some litter, even if it is just one piece, as it will make our community cleaner.



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  1. Well done Alex with your litter collection. We live in a sad world where some people have no respect for our wonderful town. Have a wonderful birthday on the 21st of December and I hope you get some nice presents.

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