Don’t just go to A&E


The local Clinical Commissioning Group is to send a leaflet to every household to remind us about the alternatives to going to Emergency Departments in Tunbridge Wells or Haywards Heath.

dont-just-go-to-aeHigh Weald Lewes Havens Clinical Commissioning Group, the GP-led organisation responsible for commissioning health services in the area, has put together a new leaflet of local services to help people choose the best place to go for the treatment they need.

The leaflet informs people that A & E departments provide emergency care for people who show the symptoms of serious illness or have injuries that could be life threatening, such as severe trauma, stroke, severe burns or bleeding that can’t be stopped.  For less serious conditions, many of the local services are not only more convenient to get to, they can often help more quickly.

If you did get grit in your eye for example, there are several specialised opticians in the area, who are ready and prepared to help sort the problem.  If you fell and hurt your arm there are three minor injuries units, including one at Crowborough Hospital, where sprains and suspected breaks can be dealt with.  Toothache can be treated by the emergency dental service.

The leaflet tells you how to get advice, or an appointment with a GP even when your usual surgery is shut.  And it explains what pharmacies can do.  People are often surprised to hear that pharmacists are a very good source of advice and can help with many things, including rashes and dressings, inhaler or insulin pen problems, emergency supplies of medicines and much more besides.

The leaflet will be sent to every household, as well as GPs, schools and colleges in the area.  Or you can download it now here:



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