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Attract New Customers:

CrowboroughLife is an online magazine providing the latest news, community information and details of events in the Crowborough area.  As articles only deal with matters of interest to local people, advertising with us is a great way of promoting your local business at an affordable price.

Are you starting a new company, launching a new product or service, or do you want to promote a special offer?

Margaret Thatcher once said:

If you have a good thing to sell, use every single capacity you can to sell it.  It is no earthly use having a good thing and no one hearing about it …

An advertisement on CrowboroughLife will put your business and services in front of thousands of local people every month, helping you gain valuable awareness and also drive traffic to your website.

Unlike some publications which residents may flick through once and then discard, people regularly return to the website as the content is constantly changing.  For this reason CrowboroughLife is a great way of raising the profile of your company.

On average the website gets around 10,000 unique users a month.  The latest statistics are available on request.

Social Media:

CrowboroughLife has over 3,000 Likes on Facebook and 3,000+ Followers on Twitter.  As a client, we will promote your company’s news and events on social media for free.

Advert positions on CrowboroughLife.comThere are three main positions for adverts on the desktop format of the website (shown in yellow in the diagram above):

Header Banner:  Most prominent position on the site.  Your advert will be visible on the top of all pages (468 x 60 pixels) including above the eye-catching slider images on the homepage.Mobile-Advert

Sidebar Banners:  Available as rectangles (or optionally as a taller “skyscraper” sizes).  Your advert can appear alongside all news articles in the right-hand column (300 pixels wide).  The “skyscraper” format provides a larger space for companies to get their message across.  As part of a premium package companies can also purchase the same space on the home page.

In Post Advert:  A display advert positioned in the middle of longer, more in-depth stories (468 x 60 pixels).  We can select an article related to the services or products you company offers, to ensure you reach your target market.

CrowboroughLife restricts the number of adverts to ensure maximum impact for your business.  Ask about advertising on people’s mobile phones and tablets.

Feature article:  If you would like to discuss rates for developing articles featuring your business, its products or services, please get in touch.

Cost Effective:

CrowboroughLife is able to offer rates that are affordable to sole traders and small business, because our overheads are low and there are no printing or distribution costs.  But don’t let the price fool you.  Your advert will be seen by thousands of local people, anyone of which might be your next customer.  Give us a try and see if it works for you.

The most affordable option for small business is a square advert (300 x 300 pixels) in a shared space in the sidebar next to all news articles.  Ads booked on this basis will rotate alongside those from other companies and organisations, and will be displayed for 10 seconds before rotating onto the next one in the sequence.  The starting advert is random, and there is never more than four adverts in the set.

One of the real advantages of advertising online, is that by clicking on your advert potential customers are re-directed straight to your own website, so they can get detailed information about your products or services.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

Businesses are encouraged to set-up a specific landing page for more targeted advertising and to give you the ability to monitor advert performance.  Another way of working-out the effectiveness your overall advertising strategy, is by using a promotional code.

If you would prefer to “Pay-per-Click” rather than the fixed rate, please get in touch to discuss.

You can either supply your own advert to our specification or we will be happy to design one for you at a modest charge.  See our full Terms & Conditions.

Click to see some recent examples of ads and promotions.

Get in touch to discuss options to meet your company’s budget and requirements.

Other Opportunities:

Business Directory: For just £50 local companies can obtain an entry in our Business Directory for a year.  The listing includes a 300 x 150 pixel advert; a 200 word description of your products or services; your organisation’s contact details (address, website, telephone number, Facebook and Twitter) and two photos.  Entries from the Directory are chosen at random to have their advert displayed on the homepage and next to all news stories.

Members of the Business Directory also get jobs vacancies listed on the website for free and up to four events added to the What’s On Guide per year.  Click to Submit a Listing.

What’s On: Events can be listed in the What’s On Guide for only £10 (free to members of the Business Directory and current advertisers).

Job Vacancies: Employers have said that they are currently struggling to recruit the right candidates, so it may be worth also considering advertising alongside the news articles to get your vacancy seen by as many local people as possible.

Get in Touch:

Thank you for your interest in promoting your business with CrowboroughLife.  For more information call Stephan on 07714 765258, or send an email to arrange a phone call or face-to-face meeting at your convenience.


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