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Attract New Customers in Crowborough:

CrowboroughLife is an online magazine providing the latest news, community information and details of events in the Crowborough area.  As articles only deal with matters of interest to local people, advertising with us is an effective way of promoting your company or organisation.

CrowboroughLife can put your product or service in front of thousands of local people, helping you gain valuable awareness and drive traffic to your website.

Unlike some publications which residents may flick through once and then discard, people regularly return to the news website as the content is constantly changing.  For this reason CrowboroughLife is a great way to raise the profile of your company or organisation in the local community.

One of the real advantages of advertising online, is that when readers click on your advert they are instantly re-directed to your website.  Potential customers get detailed information about your products or services, which ultimately generates more Leads, Sales and Revenue.

By advertising with us you will also be supporting local journalism.  Advertising income enables us to cover the cost of gathering and publishing news and helps us to maintain our free service to the community.

Affordable Advertising Rates:

We offer a range of different advertising packages to suit all budgets.  You can either supply your own advert to our specification or we will be happy to design one for you at a modest charge.

Bronze Package For £100 local companies and groups can obtain an entry in our Business Directory for the year.

The listing includes a 300 x 150 pixel advert; a 200 word description of your products or services; your organisation’s contact details (address, website, telephone number, Facebook and Twitter) and two photos.

Organisation from the Directory are chosen at random to have their advert displayed on the homepage and next to all news stories.

Members of the Business Directory also get jobs vacancies listed for free and up to four events added to the What’s On Guide or news items published during the year.

Click here to Submit a Listing.

Silver Package With our Silver Package, businesses get an eye-catching advert adjacent to all news articles on reader’s computers for a month.

For just £60 your 300 pixel square advert is shown in rotation with others from local organisations.

Gold Package As part of our premium package, companies get the most prominent positions on the website for their exclusive use.

Your advert will be displayed on all pages, including on our the homepage and on the What’s On Guide.

People are increasingly looking at news on the move, so we will also ensure your advert also appears on our reader’s smart phones.

In addition, we can promote your company’s products and services via social media, and feature your advert in our weekly newsletter.  We have over 4,000 Likes on Facebook and 3,000+ Followers on Twitter.

There are three main positions for adverts on the desktop format of the website (shown in yellow in the diagram below):

Advert positions on
Get in Touch:

Thank you for your interest in CrowboroughLife.  To discuss the various options and find-out how we can help with your marketing, call Stephan on 07714 765258, or send an email to arrange a call back or a face-to-face meeting at your convenience.