Proposal to build houses and four blocks of flats on car park at Pine Grove


Update:  The Town Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process.

At the Planning and Development Committee on 23rd October, Town Councillors agreed to submit the following to Wealden District Council (planning authority):

Recommend refusal on the grounds of: divergence from the Wealden Local Plan, over development of the site, net loss of car parking which is particularly detrimental to disabled users of the community centre, incomplete ecological surveys, the need for traffic surveys on Mill Lane and Beacon Road, the adverse effect the close proximity of dwellings to the community centre would have on the community centre’s activities particularly as noise abatement has not been addressed in this part of the site and the detrimental effect to the street scene of the town centre this development would have.

A statutory consultee in the planning process have the right to be informed of planning applications.  However they can only comment on planning applications in the same way that individuals can do so.  The Planning Committee North will decide whether to approve or refuse the application.

The anticipated planning application from Abbey Developments Ltd to built homes on the car park on Pine Grove is now open to consultation.

Beaconwood at Pine Grove

As well as building on the car park and woodland, the developer intends to demolish the former Registration Office and the adjacent County Council office block, called Beaconwood, to make way for some of the new buildings.  In total, they propose to construct 26 houses and 4 blocks of flats (two of which will be for social housing).  The flats will be a mixture of one and two-bedroom properties.  The site is currently owned by Wealden District Council and East Sussex County Council.

The existing access road will be redeveloped, in addition there will be a new entrance off Mill Lane for use by nine of the houses.

The next meeting of Crowborough Town Council’s Planning & Development Committee is on Tuesday 10th October.  The meeting is open to the public.  The proposal will be discussed by town councillors (along with other recent planning applications in the area), before the Town Council make their formal submission to the planning authority (Wealden District Council).

Crowborough Community Association (CCA), which run the Community Centre located immediately next to the site, have repeatedly expressed their concern about the loss of public car parking in the town centre (see previous articles shown below).  The CCA have their Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 24th October at 7.30pm.  At the AGM there will be a presentation about the proposed development.

The consultation is open until 3rd November.  Click on the following link to see the plans and submit your comments (Ref WD/2017/1817/MAJ):



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  1. As a citizen of Crowborough I must strongly protest about this proposal.
    Future generations must be considered concerning the surrounding beauty that this proposal will eradicate.
    Furthermore Crowborough town council efforts to deliver a community centre of excellence (coupled with the hub) will be damaged out of all proportion.(If only through lack of parking space)
    Already this town has more than supplied it’s fair quota of new housing.
    The proposal is quite preposterous. The disadvantages of this proposal far outstrip any beneficial means may they be financial or otherwise.

  2. It’s definitrely a bad decision.
    Car parking is needed for the new Community centre which is just beginnig to prove a real asset to Crowborough

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