100% of students who sat A Levels at Beacon have passed them

Beacon Academy are celebrating another particularly successful year with, for the first time ever, 100% of students who sat A levels and equivalents passing them all.

This milestone is also matched by another – for the first time, 50% of our leavers in year 13 got grades of A*-B.   They also have had their best A*-C results of just under 79%.

Emily Baldwin, Rhianna Field, Rachel Key and Charlotte Richardson

Emily Baldwin, Rhianna Field, Rachel Key and Charlotte Richardson

The Assistant Headteacher with responsibility for the Sixth Form, Steve Baker, said he was really proud of the achievements of this bright and talented group of young people who will go on to achieve great things:

We are particularly proud of our students given that in these last two years they have had to respond to the first stages of the national reforms in A level education.  For these two A level groups there have been no January exams and a limit to the number of retakes they can attempt – they have had to get the best grade possible in each of the remaining exam slots and these results have proved that they have risen to this challenge.

We are also proud of the fact that year after year the school continues to get such high results from a comprehensive intake.

Amongst students who have received very high grades were:

  • Emily Baldwin got A* A A and will go on to study medicine at Leeds
  • Charlotte Richardson got Distinction* A*AA and is going to Nottingham to study Biochemistry
  • Ellen Scrace got A*AA and is going to Durham to study Philosophy.
  • Jack Sivill got AAA and is going to Loughborough to study Sports Technology
  • Sarah Collick got Distinction and two distinction stars and is going to St Mary’s to study PE
  • Brittany Hildreth got a distinction * and two distinctions and is going to Portsmouth to study Acting.
  • Holly Jenkins got three distinctions
  • Alice Millsom got A*AA and is going to London South Bank University to study Children’s Nursing Joe Leary got three distinctions
  • Elliscia McKeogh got AAA and is going to Southampton to read Psychology
  • Freya McKeogh got A* AA and is going to Durham to read History
  • Alicia Mellet got Distinction Star AB and is going to Liverpool to study Psychology
  • Katharine Prestage got A*AB and is going to Birmingham to study Philosophy
  • Galilee Roper got AAA and is going to Exeter to study a flexible combined Honours
  • Isabella Brown got Distinction Star A B and will got to Oxford Brookes to study Anthropology
Feya and Elliscia McKeogh

Feya and Elliscia McKeogh

On their website Beacon Academy said:

Amongst so many great achievements it is difficult to single any one individual out, but Emily Baldwin’s success in getting on the Medicine course at Leeds is particularly notable.  Medical applications are enormously competitive and the majority of applicants do not get offers.  Emily made such an outstanding application, however, that she got offers from four prestigious universities including Leeds where she will be going – an unprecedented achievement.   She will do extremely well there, we are sure.

Some subjects had a really strong performance with the very top grades:

  • In Chemistry 100 % got A* -B
  • In English Literature 83% of students got a A*-B
  • In Religious Studies 76% got A*-B
  • In Maths 75% got a A*-B
  • In Geography 70% got A*-B
  • In Geology 67% got A*-B
  • In Sociology 63% got A*-B
  • In History 57% got A*-B
Georgia Cuddington and Holly Jenkins

Georgia Cuddington and Holly Jenkins

One comment on “100% of students who sat A Levels at Beacon have passed them
  1. Congratulations to all Beacon students, including those who didn’t get named. Good to see science subjects well represented, but what’s happened to foreign languages?

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