Know somebody who is 90 years old in 2016 or born on 21st April?


Crowborough will be joining other communities across the country in celebrating Her Majesty’s 90th Birthday in April.

Her Magesty The Queen's 90th Birthday Crowborough beacon

At last night’s Communications and Events Committee, Councillors agreed to light the beacon at Goldsmiths Recreation Ground on Thursday 21st April.  The town will be among thousands of other places across the country to join in.  There is a long tradition of celebrating Royal jubilees, weddings, coronations and special birthdays with the lighting of beacons.  In 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee over 4,000 beacons were lit.

To mark the occasion, the Town Council thought it would be nice to have a resident of Crowborough who is 90 this year or even shares The Queen’s birthday to light the beacon.

The actual time of lighting will depend on co-ordination by the Pageantmaster.   A suggestion was also made by Cllr Sandra Timms that it would be nice to encourage people attending the event to drink a toast to Her Majesty.  You’ll need to take your own fizz for this though!

If you know someone who has their 90th birthday in 2016 please contact the Town Council’s Event Co-ordinator Caroline Miles on or 01892 652907.

(To be clear there are no plans to set-off fireworks).  If you have a photo of a Royal Jubilee taken when the beacon was lit in the past at Goldsmiths that you’d be happy for CrowboroughLife to use, please email



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