88 year old Crowborough woman raising money for Children in Need


Since the Countryfile Ramble began in 2015, it has raised £8million for Children in Need. This year, because of coronavirus, things have to be different. There will be no mass rambles, but they are still encouraging people to organise their own sponsored walks.

The theme is Act Your Age. Erica Adams, who lives on Barnfield in Crowborough, however has Osteoporosis. This condition resulted in a fractured Sacrum at the base of her spine about five years ago. Since then, she has had difficulty in walking and relies on a walking frame when walking outdoors.

Well, I am 88 and cannot walk 88 miles and 88 metres is not far enough, and to walk for 88 minutes is about 58 minutes too long, even with my trusty walking frame.

She therefore set a target to raise £88 by walking the whole way around Goldsmiths Recreation Ground – a figure her friends and family has already smashed.

Erica is an artist and novelist, and will be known to many in the town because of her involvement in Crowborough Arts, Crowborough Creative Art Group and U3A Science and Technology Group. Her husband Maurice celebrated his 90th birthday seven weeks ago. They have been married for 67 years and have a son and a daughter, seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. 

The walk around Goldsmiths will take Erica about 20 minutes, but to push herself to the absolute limit she will keep walking until 30.8 minutes have elapsed. She explained how she arrived at this strange figure. It is her age, divided by four plus one tenth of 88 which equals 8.8, giving 30.8 minutes in total.

My challenge will take place on Saturday 10th October at eleven o’clock unless it’s too cold, too hot or  … no, cancel that, I WILL do it.

If you want to support Children in Need you can donate through Erica’s Act Your Age JustGiving page.



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