£40 million of cuts to adult social services in East Sussex

East Sussex County Council are currently consulting the public about £40 million of saving they are planning to make in adult social care services over the next three financial years.

There is a drop-in session in Uckfield tomorrow (11th November) from 12noon to 2pm at the Uckfield Civic Centre if you want to know more.

The adult social care’s budget for 2015/16 is £158 million.  The Council intends to make £10 million in savings during each of the next two financial years and £20m in 2018/19.

The main areas they intend to find the savings are as follows:

Supporting People services
Housing support services to help people live independently in sheltered housing schemes and hostels, including elderly people, those with a disability, houseless people and women fleeing domestic violence.  93 sheltered housing schemes in the county will be effected and Margaret House in Uckfield.  £4.6 million in savings (46%) from £9.9m budget.

Management and support
The County Council hope to make significant savings by reviewing their staffing structures for commissioning services in light of the work they are doing to integrate with the local NHS. £3 million in savings (33%) from a £9.1m budget.

Education, occupational, leisure and activity-based services
The County Council awards grants to the voluntary sector to provide services to people with long-term conditions, illnesses and learning disabilities.  Some of the community organisation which will lose funding if they cuts go ahead include Autism Sussex, Gig Buddies, East Sussex Disability Association, Alzheimer’s Society and East Sussex Hearing Resource Centre.  £1.6 million in savings (80%) from a £2m budget.

Drug and alcohol prevention services
The drug and alcohol prevention strategy funds a range of services providing treatment, recovery and specialist support for people affected by drug or alcohol misuse. £788,000 in savings (13%) from £6.1m budget.

Mental health residential and nursing care
Efficiency savings related to commisioning arrangements for residential and nursing care for people with mental health problems.  £500,000 in savings (7%) from a £7.4 million budget.

Directly Provided to people with learning disabilities
The County Council provide a range of support packages to enable people with learning disabilities to acquire the skills and experiences they need to lead a fuller, happier and more independent life.  The Council are intending to consolidate three learning disability homes onto one site and make savings from employment services for people with learning disabilities by reducing overheads and reviewing staffing.  £380,000 in savings (2%) from a £22.3 million budget.

Take part in the survey

You can download more detail about the proposed savings and a paper copy of the survey here or alternatively complete the survey online.  The consultation ends on 18th December 2015.

If you want to make representations to the County Councillors for Crowborough you can find the contact details for Cllrs Stogdon and Tidy on the website: democracy.eastsussex.gov.uk.

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