Is 20 Plenty for Crowborough?


Update: This meeting was postponed along with other council meetings until after the period of mourning. It will now take place on Wednesday 12th October stating at 7.30pm.

Crowborough Town Council will next week discuss reducing speed limits throughout Crowborough.

A proposal before the Environment Committee would call on East Sussex County Council, as the Highways Authority, to reduce all speed limits within the town boundary to 20 miles per hour (mph), with the exception of the A26 (which they want to be 30mph within the town boundary).

Last year the Town Council commissioned speed surveys for Rannoch Road, the A26 from Mill Lane to Sheep Plain and Hadlow Down Road by Jarvis Brook school, and in February they agreed to progress feasibility studies for the three locations.

In July, although Town Councillors supported reducing speed limits in principle, concerns were expressed about the reduction being applied everywhere, particularly in relation to A roads. As the issue was considered to be complex, they formed a working group to consider the matter.

Proponents of the 20’s Plenty campaign argue that there would be fewer severe road casualties and fatalities, air quality would improve, and lower speed limits would encourage people to walk and cycle more frequently. Other nearby towns have adopted the policy including Lewes, Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield.

The Environment Committee meets on Tuesday 13th September at 7.30pm at the Council’s offices on Pine Grove (POSTPONED). The meeting is open to members of the public, who can ask questions at the start of the meeting.



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  1. The only motorists causing problems in Crowborough are the boy racers and their noisy cars – nothing is going to change their speed or attitude due to lack of policing.

  2. we have 20 anbd 30mph on Green Lane where we live but cars and lorries fly along without any regard to speed limits and we never see a single police camera or a single police car come to that. The one time fairly reasonable country lane is now a race track. Speed bumps and squeeze points would b e better.

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