13 people want to join Crowborough Town Council


No elections were held for Crowborough Town Council on 7th May as insufficient candidates stood in each of the five wards for one to be necessary.

But now thirteen people have applied to fill the four vacancies on the Council – one more than the number that of people who stood for the election in the first place.

Among the people interested in joining are former Town and District Councillors, a UKIP politician, a Crowborough Community First Responder, supporters of the Enterprise Hub proposal, people who stood for election to Wealden District Council this time and failed to get elected, and relatives of existing Town Councillors.

The following 12 candidates who submitted theiir nomination in April were declared duly elected (unopposed).   Last month Crowborough Town Council invited people who live or work in the local area to fill the four vacant seats by co-option.

Ward Seat Candidates
East 4 Peter Ellefsen (Ind); David Larkin; Greg Rose (Con); Sandra Timms (Con)
Jarvis Brook 2 George Moss (Con); Vacancy
North 4 Alan Penney (Ind); Ronald Reed (Con); Neil Waller (Con); Vacancy
St Johns 2 Kay Moss (Con); Vacancy
West 4 Quentin Burch (Con); Wendy Scrace; Matthew Street (Con); Vacancy

The people who have expressed an interest in being co-opted to the Council are:

Jarvis Brook – Slade Burch, Rosalind Marriott, David Neeves

North – Penelope Burch, Martyn Garrett, David Hedges, Martin Prestage, Susanna Way

St Johns – Barry Aldis, Patricia Prestage, Heather Rogers

West – Margaret Brain, Peter Bucklitsch

Now instead of the electorate casting their votes, it is the existing Councillors who will decide who joins them on the Town Council.  Co-opted Councillors have the same rights and responsibilities, but unlike their elected colleagues, co-opted Councillors do not receive an allowance for carrying-out the duties.

It is essential to fill the vacancies on the Council, so that there are enough people for the Committees to be quorate and to enable business to be transacted efficiently.  By co-opting people already actively involved in their communities, or with useful skills, the Council can benefit from the expertise and enthusiasm they bring.  However isn’t it better for democracy if Councillors are elected rather than relying on co-option?

Mayor and Chairs of Committees

Also at the meeting on Tuesday, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be chosen, the membership of committees decided and the Chair and Vice-Chair of Committees selected.  So far only last year’s Mayor, Councillor Ron Reed, has been nominated for Mayor, but others can do so at the meeting.

The Town Council meets at 7.30pm at the Town Hall on Tuesday 19th May.  The meeting is open to the members of the public and they can ask questions at the start of the meeting.  Click on the following link to download a copy of the agenda.

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