Sun shines on Windsor Road Street Party

Yesterday residents of Windsor Road were blessed with great weather and the amazing turn-out just goes to show community spirit is alive in our neighbourhoods.

There was a communal barbecue for families to cook on and households contributed at least one dish to share.

Games included the left-hand side of the road taking on the right-hand side in a tug of war match.  They also held a ‘Bake Off’ and ‘Junior Bake Off’ style competition, where the street voted and certificates were awarded to the winners.  A carpet was also put down with a range of toys for the little ones to play with.

The day was organised by Gemma & Chris Brooks and Ben & Kristina Glenister.  Gemma Brook said:

Beforehand we asked all residents if they would be up for it and there was a resounding “Yes!”  We then held a couple of meetings to discuss activities and planning.  Coppards kindly lent us the road closure signs and barriers.

Maybe our efforts inspire other Crowborough communities to do the same!

In the past the Alderbrook Community Association have organised a picnic on Adam Field as part of The Big Lunch initiative.  Please let CrowboroughLife know if you are organising any community events.

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