Wealden MP backs Government proposal for air strikes against Syria

Nus Ghani Conservative MP for Wealden was among MPs who voted last night in favour of UK air strikes against Da’esh.

Nus Ghani Tory PPC for Wealden

Nus Ghani  MP for Wealden

After an impassioned 10-hour debate in the Commons,  MPs voted by 397 votes to 223 to extend military action.

This morning the Ministry of Defence confirmed that just hours after the vote British jets had bombed an Isis-controlled oil field in eastern Syria.

Speaking during the debate yesterday, Nus Ghani, the Tory’s first Muslim women in Parliament, said:

It’s one of the most barbaric and strategically dangerous enemies we have ever faced.

Its ability to recruit ordinary Westerners, its commitment to transforming them into murderers and suicide bombers, and its lack of mercy to any man, woman or child are unparalleled.

It rapes, enslaves and decapitates. Its victims are Muslims, Kurds, Yazidis. Syrian, French and British.


As a Muslim woman I stand with people of all faiths who abhor Da’esh’s ideology, their rhetoric and their actions.

You can read Nus Ghani’s full speach on her website: www.nusghani.org.uk.

The Labour MP for Hove Peter Kyle was among 66 colleagues to vote in favour of air strikes.  Just seven Conservative MPs voted against air strikes, including Andrew Tyrie, MP for Chichester.  The Green’s only MP Caroline Lucas also voted against the motion.

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