Vacancy for Councillor on Crowborough Town Council

Due to the resignation of Heather Rogers there is a vacancy on Crowborough Town Council for someone to represent the St Johns Ward.

Vacancy-St-John's-WardUnder election rules, when a serving councillor resigns, dies or is disqualified, a notice is posted explaining that a by-election can be called to fill the ‘casual vacancy’.  In order to call an election a request must be made in writing by 10th June.  In the case of parish/town council elections, 10 electors must request the election (for some reason only two electors are required in the case of a vacancy for a district councillor).  If an election is called, it will take place not later than 15th August, but it would not be held on the same day as the EU Referendum.

The last time a by-election was held in Crowborough in January 2015, the electoral services team estimated it cost around £6,000.  Although elections are organised by Wealden District Council, the cost of an election would ultimately be met by Crowborough Town Council.

If no election is called, the Town Council will fill the vacancy by ‘co-option’.  This means people interested in joining the Town Council will be invited to apply.  If there is more than one applicant to fill the vacant seat, candidates are generally invited to attend a meeting of Full Council, when they will be invited to make a short address and answer questions.  The existing Councillors will then decide who joins them on the Town Council.

The other Councillor representing the ward is Kay Moss.  Click for a profile of St Johns Ward.

Co-opted Councillors have the same rights and responsibilities, but unlike their elected colleagues, co-opted Councillors do not receive an allowance for carrying-out the duties.  The person who fills the vacancy will serve until the next scheduled election in May 2019.

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