Proposal to create a ‘Pocket’ Nature Reserve on former school land

On Tuesday, the Town Council’s Environment Committee will consider a proposal to create a “Pocket Park” Nature Reserve on the site of disused tennis courts in Crowborough.

Proposed Pocket Park Nature Reserve CrowboroughWhen Beacon converted to an academy, the school buildings and sports fields were leased by East Sussex County Council to the academy trust for 125 years.  The former tennis courts, along with an area of woodland, was considered surplus to requirments.  The woodland was sold at auction to a developer in December.

Two or three years ago East Sussex County Council approached the Town Council to see if they might be interested in aquiring the 4 acre site.  The tennis courts, thought to have been abandoned about 15 years ago, are now completely overgrown with brambles, gorse and saplings.  At that stage, the Town Council could not identify potential uses for the land.

Map showing location (click to interact)

Proposed “Pocket Park” marked green on map (click to view more photos and interact)

Now the Town’s Countryside part-time Ranger has suggested the creation of a small nature reserve to attract birds, butterflys and dragonflys.  In his report, Daniel Colborne suggests a pond with a jetty, similar to the Country Park, could be constructed along with a circular path.  Mr Colborne argues that the location would be ideal for educational use by students from the nearby schools, also several neighbours have said they would be interested in setting-up a volunteer group.

East Sussex County Council have said that all options for the land are currently being considered.

For more detail see the report.  Like all Council meetings, the Environment Committee is open to the public, who can request to speak at the start of the meeting.

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