Pooh Sticks anyone? You’ve been doing it all wrong…

Pooh may have been a bear of very little brain but he and Christopher Robin invented a game which has kept children – and adults – entranced ever since the storybook pair first dropped sticks off Pooh Bridge and raced to see which one the river brought out the other side first.

But Dr Rhys Morgan of the Royal Academy of Engineering says that it is a game of skill as well as luck.  And according to Dr Morgan canny players will take heed of the equation above if they want their stick to emerge first.

His winning formula appears in a new book A Poohstickopedia written by Mark Evans and illustrated by Mark Burgess which sets out the rules – and more importantly the tactics – of this most British of summer pastimes.

poohstick-formulaSales of the book, which was published earlier in the summer, have been given a boost by VisitEngland’s recent release of the top 12 Poohstick-friendly bridges in the UK.

But before you rush off to the original Pooh Bridge to make your qualifying bid for Pooh Sticks at Rio next year, take a look at Mark Evans explaining the rules, and how to avoid that most feared social disaster – being branded a Pooh Sticks cheat.

12 Pooh Stick Bridges Visit EnglandAshdown Forest the Home of Winnie-the-Pooh

How to Find Pooh Sticks Bridge.  Other places on the Hundred Aker Wood.

Story courtesy of East Grinstead Online.

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