Lib Dem Candidate Jane Clark

There is a vote on Thursday 21st January to elect a Wealden District Councillor to represent Crowborough East.

In the second election address, here is information regarding the Liberal Democrat candidate:

Jane Clark has lived just outside Crowborough East ward for over 27 years.  She has run a business in Crowborough for over 20 years.  Her children attended Beacon Community College and her son and young family still live in the town.Jane Clark Lib Dem Candidate for Crowborough East on Wealden District Council

Jane was District Councillor for 12 years representing East Ward, not seeking re-election in 2011 as family commitments had increased significantly and she was still working.  Jane has a record of achievement behind her, including setting up clued up (a one stop shop for young people), establishing the farmers market, ensuring the political will to set up the very successful Crowborough Community Centre.  Jane has always walked the ward and reported litter, overgrown hedges etc.

Jane is standing for the Liberal Democrats as she still believes in fairness and equal opportunity.  Jane believes that the huge Conservative majority needs to be challenged. Jane would remind the Conservatives that when they moved the District HQ from Crowborough they promised to hold Full Council meetings around the District and planning decision making meetings in the North as well as in the South.  Neither of these promises were kept.

Jane is now retired and has recharged her batteries. Jane says, I am not a career politician. I can promise to work hard for the people of East Ward and Crowborough to ensure that Crowborough is not forgotten and that decisions made are to make Crowborough an even better place to live in.

There are three candidates standing for election:  Philip Lunn (Conservative),  Jane Clark (Liberal Democrat) and Linda Scotson (Labour).

The vacancy follows the sad death of Peter Cowie.  The ward covers Alderbrook, Montargis and Blackness.  You can find-out whether you live in the ward by entering your postcode on Wealden District Council website: Find my Councillor.

The election will be held on Thursday 21st January 2016 from 7am until 10pm at Polling Stations at the Tea Room at Wolfe Rec and St Richards Church Hall (check your polling card).

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