Results: Crowborough By-Election

Jeannette Towey has been elected for the Conservative Party, and will serve as the Councillor on Wealden District Council for the Crowborough West Ward.

Jeannette-Towey-electionThe votes were counted in the Scout headquarters on Whitehill Road, straight after the polling station had closed at 10pm.  The voting was as follows:

Simon Staveley (UKIP): 327 (41.3%)
Jeannette Towey (CON): 465 (58.7%)

Majority: 138
Turnout: 20.5%
Electorate: 3986
Rejected papers: 25


Simon Staveley UKIP Candidate

The vacancy was brought-about by the death of Major Antony Quin who had represented Crowborough on Wealden District Council for 15 years.  Jeannette will represent the ward alongside existing Councillor Diane Phillips.

After being elected Jeannette praised the Returning Officer and his team, and also thanked the UKIP candidate for a ‘good fight’.   Mr Staveley indicated he would stand again in the elections in May.

Click on the following link to find-out more about Jeannette Towey.


At the last election in 2011, the turnout was 48.9%.  There were three candidates contesting the two seats:

2011-Crowborough-West-ResulFor other results in 2011 click on the following links:

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