Young people from Wealden take their seats in the East Sussex Youth Cabinet

With more than 14,000 votes counted and verified East Sussex Youth Cabinet is set to welcome 20 new members.

East Sussex Youth CabinetThe Big Vote elections saw 14,258 votes cast for 39 candidates across 30 schools and colleges, with the winners being announced at a special event earlier this month.

Those elected will represent their peers for up to two years, working hard to give them a voice among decision makers.

Ella Rozier and Libby Russell were elected to represent the Wealden area following the month-long election.

Libby said:

Just before I got the news that I was successful in my campaign, I was doubting whether I’d be up to all the work and if I could well represent my peers. But when I was told the good news I knew I’d done right by myself and others by just standing, and I’m so proud of myself and grateful for this amazing opportunity to do good.

Ella added:

Being elected to be a Youth Cabinet member was very special to me because it shows that even some of the quietest people have the opportunity to help change things for many people.

The achievements of the previous Youth Cabinet include gaining more awareness and subscriptions to the 3i-D card and developing the scheme further. The ‘3i-D’ card functions as an identity card, offering additional discounts on bus travel and new discounts are being launched in spring 2016 for shop and leisure outlets.

The cabinet also helped to create a new website for young people, by working with web designers and the county council to provide improved online information to young people, from advice and guidance to what groups and clubs are available in the county.

They helped to organise the Inspire Youth Conference and workshops aimed helping young people to develop skills in campaigning to informing the development of Youth Cabinet campaigns.

At a national level, the Youth Cabinet’s UK Youth Parliament members have been active on helping to raise awareness of the importance of good quality mental health education and services in East Sussex and contributed to a national report, as part of the Youth Select Committee work into an audit of mental health services and provision in the UK.

Crowborough Cllr Sylvia Tidy, East Sussex County Council Lead Member for Children and Families, congratulated the newest members to take their seats.

I’m delighted at the level of interest shown in this election, with 39 candidates vying for a seat and nearly 3,000 more votes cast than the previous election in 2013.

It is great news for democracy that so many young people voted and that so many want to make a difference on the issues that affect them.

The five members of the East Sussex Youth Council representing Wealden are:

  • Ella Rozier
  • Jazir Kamal
  • Tom Hemming
  • Libby Russell
  • Mikey Loe

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