County Council Elections on 4th May: Gabrielle Symonds

Elections to East Sussex County Council are being held on Thursday 4th May.

Two people will be elected to represent Crowborough – one to serve “Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook” and another for “Crowborough South & St Johns”.  CrowboroughLife has invited each of the candidates to send a short statement about themselves and explain why they would like you consider voting for them.  This is the election address from Gabrielle Symonds.

Gabrielle Symonds was born and bred in a farming community and has lived in East Sussex all her life, over 40 years spent in Crowborough.

Gabrielle Symonds

She was at one time co-owner of a building business and latterly involved in Complimentary Medicine.

She has four grown up children, three grandchildren and one great grandchild!  So is very much involved in family life and concerned about the World that future generations will grow up in.

Her main interests are Health, Food production, Housing the homeless and Peace.

Gabrielle is standing for the Green Party in the East Sussex County Council elections on 4th May 2017 for the Crowborough South and St. Johns Division.

Gabrielle Symonds

23rd April 2017

Ingleside, Beacon Road West,
East Sussex TN6 1QL

Four candidates are standing for each seat (click to find-out about them).

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook

Crowborough South & St Johns

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