Supermarket car park exclusively for the use of customers

Update:  After deciding not to go ahead with the scheme a year ago, Lidl’s supermarket in Crowborough is now pressing-ahead with a parking scheme.

After shopping, you have to scan the barcode on your receipt into a machine by the tills and then enter your car’s registration number.



(Published December 2015)

New rules are being introduced at the supermarket mean those people not shopping there or parking for more than 90 minutes might get a Lidl’s suprise.

Lidl Crowborough Beacon Road East SussexUnder the system, shoppers will be asked shoppers to give their licence plate number at the checkout.

One of the new signs alerting customers (click to enlarge)

One of the new signs alerting customers (click to enlarge)

Lidl spokeswoman explained:

Every time you shop at our Crowborough store the cashier will asked if you have used the car park.  If you have then they will enter your car registration onto their computer.  You need to do this every time you shop at our store, regardless of how long you have spent in the car park.

If you enter your reg at the checkout but you have spent longer than 1.5 hours in the car park then you will still be issued a Penalty Charge Notice.

However the supermarket is keen to point-out that customers who do get a parking ticket for staying too long should contact their Customer Services with proof of purchase and they will appeal the charge on your behalf.

Customers who have special requirements and may have difficulty with the parking restrictions, should also get in touch with our Customer Services team who will find a solution to their car parking needs.


At the beginning of December the supermarket applied to Wealden District Council to extend the delivery times on Sundays and Bank Holidays to 7am until 11pm (the same times as currently allowed on Monday to Friday).

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17 comments on “Supermarket car park exclusively for the use of customers
  1. Complain – this was my message to LIDL

    I have been a regular customer of LIDL in Crowborough ever since it opened what must be nearly 10 years ago.

    Today was a terrible experience due to the ridiculous new parking rules.

    Shopping in supermarkets is never a fun experience but you have pushed it to the limits of reasonableness.

    All car parks are free in Crowborough yet you feel it necessary to introduce a hairbrained scheme that requires you after your shop and paying to retrieve your receipt to queue again to scan it at a terminal and enter your car registration correctly otherwise you are going to be fined £90.

    The last thing I need after queuing for ages at the till is to queue again to be set a memory test especially if I am using my wife’s car.

    Crowborough has 3 other supermarkets and I can assure you that I will no longer be using LIDL.

    PS do not tell me that if in error I can contact you to appeal. I had that experience when on holiday and parked in a LIDL car park and the procedure was tortuous with having to face down threats of increasing penalties and charges before your parking company finally lost the appeal at arbitration.


    • I was under the impression that the car park was for Lidl customers NOT for people going to the doctors surgery or the bank went into store on Tuesday did not find any trouble registering.

  2. I haven’t shopped in Lidl since this arrangement has been introduced, it’s no longer convenient for me. Morrisons will have ALL my business from now on.

  3. I think it’s a good idea as long as it runs smoothly, I am sure the ones who will complain are the very ones who objected to Lidils in the first place, and now Shop there, using there Green Shopping bags with a W on them and ask for a Wine Container at the Check out ……. To my great amusment I have actually witnessed this ….

  4. A great way to lose customers..I went to Lidl this morning, unaware new parking rules. Queued to pay and then had to queue to scan my receipt. I agree with the last person commenting no doubt they have an issue with people going to Wetherspoons customers; rather than address the issue they inconvenience customers. I would like to think that browsing would not result in a £90 fine. Another place I will not be visiting!..

  5. 2 of my friends have been scr**ed by Lidl in last few days. The signage is not obvious. Put a clear banner up saying ’10 minutes free – otherwise you must register instore’ or similar.
    Lidl will lose business.
    But please understand I fully appreciate it is a private car park for Lidl use only – it is just Lidl have gone about it badly. Very very badly

    • Why do you say that Bruce? Your friends obviously don’t read CrowboroughLife!

      There are quite a few signs around the car park. Did they not go into the store to shop? Last few times I’ve been in to shop the people on the checkout were explaining to all customers what they had to do. Stephan

  6. If you look on the first page of their website you can see that Athena ANPR, the parking company employed by Lidl offer their service as a way of ‘gaining an additional income stream from ‘your’ assets’.
    So are Lidl really concerned with freeing up parking places or with getting extra income from their more vunerable (Elderly, Forgetful) customers
    Quote below

    “How We Work With Your Company

    Find out how easy it is to install an ANPR system and how to gain an additional income stream from your assets’

  7. I received a £90 parking fine for being in lids’s car park last week. I sat in my car for 10 minutes or so as I didn’t feel particularly well, then as I felt better I went into the shop looking for electric lightbulbs. I couldn’t see any, but one of the assistant’s assured me they were in a particular aisle. There were none, and as I did not want to buy anything else I left the shop. My time in total was 28 minutes. Very unfair. I certainly won’t be shopping there again.

  8. LIDL have just lost another customer – furious to have received a fine for £45. Despite parking for only 38 minutes and having a LIDL receipt for nearly £90 of purchases, the fine provides no process for genuine customers to challenge.

    LIDL clearly don’t want my custom so I would strongly discourage other customers from shopping at LIDL – there are other genuine stress-free shopping experiences around and organisations that are more in tune with their customers.

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