Got a Story?

Have you got a story you think we should be covering on CrowboroughLife?

Spotted something while you’ve been out-and-about?  (Remember to take a photo on your phone and send it to us).Crowborough and the surrounding villages of Blackness, Boars Head, Hurtis Hill, Jarvis Brook, Lye Green, Poundfield, Rotherfield, St Johns, Steel Cross, Steep, Stone Cross, Sweethaws, The Warren and Whitehill

You can get in touch by emailing Stephan@CrowboroughLife.com or phoning him on 07714 765258.

If something is happening “right now” it is better to phone or text rather than messaging via social media.

Let CrowboroughLife know what is going on in our community:

Know somebody who is taking on a challenge, doing something extraordinary or has overcome adversity?  Are you organising an event?  Starting a new business or venture?  Are you campaigning for change or feel you have been badly treated by the authorities?

Some tips for getting good media coverage:

  • Local:  Explain why would local people be interested in the story?
  • Timeliness: Contact CrowboroughLife in good time – stories only have a certain shelf-life.
  • Case Studies: News is primarily about people.  It is always strengthens an article if a local person can explain how they have been effected by events.
  • Provide Quotes: Quotes should be used to provide insight and opinion.  They should sound like a real person said them.  Make sure you include the person’s name, role or say whereabouts they live or work.
  • Statistics: Sometimes you can reinforce your argument by using relevant figures and statistics.  Say where you obtained your information from, so they can be verified.
  • New: With ongoing issues, or annual events, remember to emphasise what is “new” in your story, what is happening right now or what is different this time around.
  • Pictures: Always make sure you provide two or three photos which illustrate your story.  Please send them as email attachments rather than embedded images.  Ensure you name people shown in the photograph or provide a caption explaining what the photograph shows.
  • Permission:  Ensure you have approval to use other people’s photos (or other copyrighted material), as well as the consent of people in the photographs (especially if they are children).
  • The Five Ws and One H: Journalists are taught address the Who, What, Where, Why, When and How of basic information gathering.  Double check to see you have answered each of these questions in your press release.  It is always worthwhile running something past a “critical” friend who is unconnected to ensure you have addressed the main questions a reader might have.
  • Contact Details: Always provide phone numbers in case we need to contact you to clarify anything or ask for additional information.