The A26 between Uckfield and Crowborough: 50 or 60 mph?

Can you think of any other road where the speed limit is different depending which direction you are travelling?

The following picture is taken on the A26 at Five Ash Down where currently the speed limit travelling north towards Crowborough is 50 miles per hour (mph), but if you are travelling south down to Uckfield, you can legally travel at 60!

50-60mph-Five-Ash-Down-A26However, as Google Street View shows, there are national speed limit signs on the A26 junction with Five Ash Down.  So if you turn north onto the A26 you wouldn’t know you are in a 50mph zone until you get to Heron’s Ghyll and see the first 50 sign:

In September 2015 East Sussex Highways said they were aware of the issue and their contractors were waiting for the workshop to manufacture the necessary signs.

At the beginning of last month a member of the road safety team apologised: “this has unfortunately taken longer than I would normally expect”.  They promise it won’t be long now until the existing 50mph could be extended further south on the A26.

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